Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I love to read. Let me say that again: I love to read. Fiction (new and old), biographies, history, cookbooks, books of information on the hobbies I love...so many books, so little time. ; )

We have two bookshelves of books, not counting Little Man's books, my cookbooks, or my quilting books, which are on other shelves. I've read many of them multiples times. (No I've never read my husband's textbooks.)

My mom has six bookshelves (four of them are floor-to-ceiling) of books, and that's not counting the stacks on the floor and the cookbooks in the kitchen. I love to borrow books from her. ; ) This is the stack I came away with last week. As I'm in a reading-a-lot stage, I've already read two and a half of them.

Since there are so many books out there, I try to choose ones that are profitable. Ones that will broaden my knowledge of the world, of human nature (without leaving me feeling gross and dragged through the mud of human depravity), of vocabulary, and of my God. I love to learn as I read and not merely park my brain. One way I do this is to keep a note card and pen near me and jot down any literary references or words that need to look up the definition for or that I want to know how to pronounce. I had forgotten about that trick until recently, but I've started again. Oh, the delightful words I've come across. ; )

As much as I'm enjoying my jottings today, I must go. I have laundry to wash and fold, clean dishes to unload, and my husband's valentine's day surprise to work on. hehe. ; )

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Jennifer @ Her Southern Charm said...

Oh, how I love books, too. And like you, I have never once cracked open one of my hubby's engineering text books. They make good doorstops and stools for reaching high places! ;)

PS With this whole economy thing, I'm doing a lot of window shopping as well. :(