Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Joys

I wrote this post yesterday, intending to publish it. When more than half of it was deleted due to problems between my lap top, the Internet, my skills, and Blogger, I gave up and went to bed. And bed was definitely the place for me as I had reached that weepy, irrational, and very tired stage. I'll reconstruct the lost sections and post today.

I am at home today. I had planned to go to church as usual until Little Man came down with a fever yeterday that persisted until today. This morning he woke up with a high fever, and he has been moaning and lying around all day. While I hope he gets well quickly, I am enjoying all the extra cuddle time he is indulging in. I have also enjoyed having some extra quiet time to mull over the joys of being both a mom and a daughter today.

current joys of being a mother

~Peeking in at my sleeping boy (or better yet, holding my sleeping boy).
~Teaching all day long.
~Watching Little Man grow and learn new mental and physical skills every day.
~Hearing him call, "MA-ma!" in his sweet voice.
~Reading together. At this stage Little Man will bring a book, say "Boook, boook", back up to me, and request, "Lap-y? lap-y?" It is SO sweet!
~Enjoying his sweet smiles and contagious giggles.
~Talking walks and seeing the world from a new perspective. They go something like this: "rock! rock! rock!" on seeing every pebble; "flow-ah!" as we stop to smell each dandilion; multiple stops as we check out cones, bend down to inspect what's in the crack of the side walk, pause to bark back at all the dogs, find sticks to poke into the grass, gaze longingly at mud puddles and the proclaim them to be "Yyyyyuck!", or have need to watch the ants scurry all over the sidewalk.
~Feeling Baby kick, yes, even when he wakes me up, it is a joy to know that he is growing and developing.
~Feeding, cleaning, washing, and changing are all joys of being a mother too becasue there is much satisfaction in taking care of my Little Man.

joys of being a daugter/having a mother

(on a side note, I look so young in this photo!
I think it was taken spring 2004.)

~Being friends.
~Knowing that my mom is there for me to talk to as well as being there for her to talk to. We can talk and talk and talk!
~Listening to (and hopefully heeding) her wise advice.
~Doing music together, whether it's playing it, discussing and evaluating it, or just listening to it.
~Discussing literature.
~Shopping together; even grocery shopping is more fun when there are two of us.
~Sharing clothes. We don't do it too often, but when we do, I enjoy it since I never had the oportunity to share with sisters when I was growing up since I am an only child.
~Working on projects together.
~Bailing the other out when she is swamped and overwhelmed. This can include helping with house work, projects, baking, etc. (Why is it that I'm more often the recipient of the bailing out than she is? Whatever the reason, though, I'm thankful for the help!)
~Keeping on learning and sharing our new knowledge with eachother.

I'm so thankful for the opportunity to be both on the receiving and giving end of mothering. God has blessed me beyond measure in a mother who is one of my closest friends as well as in having children of my own to become friends with.


Tammie said...

i think you may bail me out more than you think. if not, well, we are both happy to think that we are the one receiving the most.

remember all those years i was recovering from hepatitis? who did most of the cooking and much of the cleaning?

you are a blessing and a joy to me, and i am glad to help you out from time to time.

i love the whole list, and am so thankful for you.

Journeying Five said...

what a nice tribute to your mom! such nice thoughts of your mothering experience!

Shaina said...

What a wonderful post :) I'm so glad that you and your mother are so close. That is such a wonderful blessing from the Lord.

Shaina said...

curious! where was that photo taken? I think I may have a photo in the same spot. Either that or in an identical location haha.