Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm back!

We arrived home on Saturday night from a jam-packed, tiring, refreshing vacation. I don't know if I can exactly say that it was relaxing as a whole since we drove a little over 2,500 miles in eight days, but it certainly had many relaxing times sprinkled throughout.

After having a restful day on Sunday, I tackled unpacking bright and early yesterday morning. I'm so pleased to have it all done. Usually unpacking is something I procrastinate on, so I feel especially satisfied to have it all done.

It looks like I'll have a busy week ahead of me. Today I'm working on laundry; tomorrow I'll teach music and work in my garden (I hope). While we were gone, there was quite a bit of rain, so my veggies grew like weeds, but the weeds were characteristically busy as well. I need to take care of them. Thursday I'll be getting ready to go on a short church camp out. (Yes, I am going to be tent camping seven month pregnant, and, yes, even while I can't wait to go camping, I'm doubting my sanity.) Friday I have a doctor appointment in the morning and will be leaving for camping in the afternoon. Whew.

In my down times, I'm hoping to work on a couple of projects, catch up on blogging (reading and writing), and do some phone talking and facebooking. ; )

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Journeying Five said...

welcome back, sounds like you had a whirlwind vacation and are back at it right away!