Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Park Picnic

Today I packed a picnic lunch, loaded up my little guys, grabbed my camera, and walked to the nearby park. We had a delightful time enjoying the perfect end-of-summer warmth and sunshine.

The "little slide" is Little Man's favorite thing at the park right now. He can climb up to it (the steps are really quite huge, so it's a big accomplishment), get into position, slide down, and jump off at the bottom all by himself! He is getting so big. But he still likes help on the big steps. I was trying to encourage him to climb up them by himself today, when he said "Mommy do it." It was his way of telling me he still wanted help. I am definitely okay with that.

We found and enjoyed some of the first signs that Autumn is quickly approaching: beautiful golden leaves.

We enjoyed a leisurely and tasty lunch of sandwiches, carrots, and fruit with chocolate chips for dessert.

Little Man enjoyed being able to take unusual liberties like standing up on his "chair" during meal time.

Brother enjoyed a fresh-air nap through the majority of our expedition.

And last but not least, shortly before we left for home, Benjamin was able to meet us at the park. Little Man spotted him as he was coming and exclaimed, "Daddy's car!" We had a lovely time.