Friday, February 18, 2011

love like a mustard seed?

now is the season
of celebrating love

as i think about
love for my husband
love for my sons
love for my family
i ponder God
the facets of His love
the privilege of loving Him

to me
God and love are inseparably twined
after all
i am only capable of love
because of His love
in me

i love
i do love
i love God
i love those near me
i even love strangers to some degree

yet my love is so imperfect
it falls short in many ways
it's forever incomplete

i fail to allow God-love to consume every area of being
forget to converse with Him
neglect to read His word
i even willfully choose to embrace
what He has told me to shun

i slump into ingratitude
make choices based on self's desire
snap at my men
shut my eyes to needs around

instead of being a portrait
of God's perfect fearless love
in a warped twisted world
i become part of the wreckage

yet i have faith
that the perfectly loving God
who planted the seed to this God-love in me
will continue to transform me
until the love i wish to embody
is mine

after all
i do love
even if it is imperfect

and perhaps love
like faith
has great unexplained power
even in mustard-seed size

thinking about Matthew 17:20, parts of I John (especially the end of chapter 4), and Philippians 1:6


Tammie said...

may the Lord grant you the desire of your heart, dear daughter.

Erin said...

This is lovely.