Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Last Saturday I left the boys with Benjamin and headed out solo to do some yard saling. Sadly, it was a very slow week for yard sales; I only was able to find one. I bought a book, and that was all. I was a bit disappointed, but on a whim I dropped in at one of our little local thrift stores. Oh, was I glad that I did!

My first find was this vintage (I'm pretty sure it's vintage, at least) monogrammed handkerchief. It still has the little Van Heusen stickers on it, so I know it wasn't handmade. I'm still very pleased to have found it, though. I already have a plan of how I'll use it in Sweet Pea's nursery-nook (her first initial is, like mine, C)

And then I found a treasure trove of vintage notions: trims, bias tape, zippers, a fabric-covered-button-making kit, and even a few buttons. Pictured is less than half of what I got! I ended up with half of a grocery bag full for $3.50. I love the vintage labels, and I'll love using all of the lovely supplies they package even more!

Perhaps I'll have better yard sale success next weekend, but last week's finds are certainly nothing to sneeze at!


Tammie said...

:) i'm so glad to get a peek at your finds.

Raise Them Up said...

Congratulations on your finds! It will be fun to see how you use them all. :)