Tuesday, September 6, 2011

labor day weekend

"Montana's Biggest Weekend" was crazy.
And we didn't even do half
of the possible activities
in our town.
Here's what we did do:

Friday morning: Mum and I took the boys to the county fair.
Little Man and Brother loved all of the animals
and the kettle corn we ate
while watching the team branding competition.
They weren't very enthusiastic about
photography or quilts, though.

Friday evening: The five of us went to the carnival.
Benjamin and I each went on a couple of rides with the boys,
enjoyed chatting with friends and acquaintances,
and successfully resisted the tantalizing smells
of oh-so-bad-for-you carnival food. : )

Little Man went on as many rides as we let him,
but his favorite was the ferris wheel.
Brother tried one ride (the carousel) and kinda panicked.
Sweet Pea slept peacefully the entire time in her sling.

Saturday: We spent the day at home
and welcomed Benjamin's parents when they arrived
for a long-weekend visit.

Sunday: We went to church
then came home to make and eat a big lunch.
Benjamin and his dad went to the driving range.
We had Little Man and Brother's
combined birthday party.
(photos coming soon)
The guys went fishing.
We played games.

Monday: Parade day.
Benjamin took Little Man
to be on his company's float.
The rest of us walked downtown, enjoyed the parade,
and walked around the craft fair.
Benjamin and his dad played 18 holes of golf.
We made and ate another big meal
and ended the evening with a movie.

There have been late nights and short naps galore.
It was a ton of fun, but we're all worn out,
and I'm eagerly anticipating
return to normalcy...

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