Monday, September 26, 2011

monday menu

[pickles photographed at the community harvest potluck]

As you may have gathered from the above photo's caption, I recently had the opportunity to photograph our community harvest potluck organized by a friend. In addition to being able to photograph the people who attended and the fiddlers who provided entertainment, I got to take lots of pictures of one of my favorite subjects: food. You'll be seeing some food photos from the community harvest potluck at the agonizingly slow pace of one a week (with my monday menus) for the next couple of months. : )

It looks like we'll be returning to normalcy this week as far as menu planning goes. At least that's what I hope will be happening! Here's what I'm planning on mixing up this week:

M-tuna melt sandwiches, fresh fruit
T-grilled chicken, cilantro-lime chickpea salad (new recipe)
W-chicken caesar wraps (with left over grilled chicken)
Th-veggie-bean stir fry over rice
F-marinated beef kabobs, crispy smashed potatoes, salad

What are you making this week?

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