Monday, October 31, 2011

leaf mobile

The second leafy project I recently completed was

I dipped some of the leaves we collected into melted wax.
(It was parafin not beeswax. Shh...don't tell Martha.)

Then I strung them together
and hung them asymmetrically above my kitchen sink.
They look lovely with my yellow kitchen walls.
(Ahem...uh, why yes, I am a real person.
Those are real dishes untidily heaped in and around my real sink.
And that's my real sink sprayer nozzle thingy to the left of the sink
soaking in real vinegar to remove unfortunately real hard water deposits.
Real crafting takes a real toll on real housework...)

Since these photos were taken
the yellow leaves have turned decidedly brown,
but the red ones are still bright and beautiful.
They sway and turn so gracefully.
I enjoy observing them while I am washing my real dishes.

; )


Tammie said...

lol. <3 i love the photos.

and the realness.

Ayana said...

The leaves are so pretty!

And ha! That is exactly how my sink looks. ;).

Den Mother said...

I love this! I hadn't thought of using wax to keep the leaves from falling apart, curling up, and fading! t

Raise Them Up said...

They look great! And for the record, I wouldn't have even noticed the dishes if you hadn't pointed them out. Lol! I was totally awed by the pretty leaves! How fun!

And my entire counter looks like that. :)