Tuesday, November 1, 2011

leaf collages

The third leaf project recently completed in our was was leaf collages. I had planned on making leaf people (something like these) with the boys. However, when push came to shove, I needed something for them to do quietly by themselves while I fixed dinner, so I gave them leaves, paper, and glue sticks and let them make collages virtually unsupervised.

Little Man was so excited when I told him he was going to make a collage. He's been playing a computer game where he gets to make a virtual collage, and being able to make a real, hands-on collage was way better than the game! The collage above was his first one. (See that big leaf? It was the largest one we were able find, and Little Man was excited to display it prominently in several leaf rubbings as well as in this collage.)

This is Little Man's second collage.

I think Brother enjoyed this project even more than Little Man did. In addition to making the lovely leaf collage pictured above, he did some delightful tactile experimentation with large globs of glue that broke off of the glue stick he was using. (You can see one of the glue globs above--it's that purple thing near the middle of the very bottom of the photo.)

This project was perfect for us this year. The boys enjoyed making beautiful art with the leaves they collected, and I was able to get dinner done in good time! As for the glue globs, they lived a short yet prosperous life before being easily cleaned up with a damp cloth.


Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

These are so beautiful! I love leaves! Love the shapes, love the colors. What creative boys you have. This is such a great project!

Tammie said...

lol! sweet boys. fun project. developing creativity and independence.