Wednesday, October 26, 2011

leaf rubbings

Remember how I said that we collect lovely leaves during our autumnal meanderings? Well, last Friday we did three leaf projects with the specimens we gathered.

The first project we tackled was making leaf rubbings. Leaf rubbings are super-easy. All you do is arrange leaves vein side up on a piece of paper, place a second piece of paper on top of the leaves, and rub over the leaves with the side of a crayon with the paper peeled off.

Brother was interested and tried to make leaf rubbings, but he didn't quite get it. I made a few leaf rubbings on his paper for him, and then he was quite happy to draw his own designs with crayons and colored pencils.

Little Man, however, really enjoyed the project. He needed help holding the papers steady, but other than that, he had the process down.

I like his unconventional use of colors for autumn leaves.

Of all the leaf rubbings Little Man made, this is my favorite. We had so much fun with this project. I'm already planning to try to make it happen again next year!


Ayana said...

I love this idea! I am totally gonna do this with my son soon!

stitching under oaks said...

so fun....projects with your boys. It just makes me smile!