Monday, November 28, 2011

three months-better late than never

I began this post at the beginning of this month, and am finally getting around to putting on the finishing touches and publishing it. Ooops. Life has been crazy...

This month my sweet little Sweet Pea had her three month birthday!
It seems like I've known her for such a sort long time.
Even at the tender age of three months she has so much personality.
It is such a delight to watch her develop.

This month Sweet Pea...

often pulls herself into a half-sitting position
tried the Bumbo seat for the first time
(she likes it for a few minutes and then gets tired)
is really enjoying her play mat
can focus on, reach for, and grab things
(toys, hands, clothes, couch pillows, blankets...)
loves to push up with her legs and be held in a standing position
tried the johnny-jump-up
(she loved standing but is nowhere near jumping yet)
loves looking around and assessing her surroundings
isn't as happy about tummy time because she can't look around
still loves her swings
says multisylable "words" (as opposed to just "gooo!")
loves when Daddy sings to her and tries to sing along
charms us with her "capital D" smile
(like this kind of smiley face :D get it?)
is figuring out how to laugh when tickled
loves when her big brothers give her attention
delights them by holding onto their fingers

Little Man likes to share Sweet Pea's tummy time.
He'll imitate the way she's lying,
how her hands are,
the position of her head.
And they chat.

When I heard Brother's uproarious laughter,
I knew I needed to check on him.
I found him conspiring with Sweet Pea.
He explained:"This is silly, Mom!"


Sarah said...

Love that first photo, gorgeous picture of your girl!

Tammie said...

delightful. :