Thursday, October 4, 2012

brand new art journal

Inspired by Alisa Burke,
I began my very own art journal last month
I aim to do a little almost every day,
squeezed into the cracks of my busy-ness.

Really, it's more like play than serious art.
Perhaps that's one thing that makes it so refreshing.

Doodled while waiting for my
chicken gnocchi soup at Olive Garden.

Little Man's birthday

The boys were coloring and stickering,
and I was making sure
that Sweet Pea's experimentation with stickers and crayons
didn't head in the gastronomic direction.
She wasn't very pleased to share her crayons with me.

Autumnal musings with ink and colored pencils.

Sweet Pea's addition to my journal


Tammie said...

aww. i love them all. :)

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Beautiful! I love the 'grow' page. And that little traced hand... precious! :)