Monday, December 31, 2012

Handmade Christmas 2012/grey hat for me

Benjamin's family draws names at Christmas.
That way each adult only needs to buy a gift for one other adult
(with 9 adults in the family, this is really nice).

This year I drew his middle brother's wife's name.
I got her a fabulous kitchen knife from her wish list
on a good Black Friday sale,
but I really wanted to use my new-found knitting skills
to make a pretty hat for her as well.

I entered my search requirements
into Ravelry's wonderful system:
the pattern had to be free,
include a picture,
use a size of knitting needles I already owned,
and be within my skill level.
One of the few patterns that met all of my criteria was

I made a cute orange version for my sister-in-law
(I didn't have time for photos before wrapping and mailing it)
and liked the pattern enough to make one for myself as well!

For the record,
I chose grey because I liked it, not just to copy-cat Hermione.
I also tweaked the proportions of ribbed band and the cables
to be more to my taste.

Perhaps it's because I'm still pretty new at this not-flat knitting thing
(as in something other than a washcloth or scarf)
but I find how the decreases work and look
so fascinating and exciting.

I am really quite proud of how it turned out
and have been enjoying wearing it
on some of these chilly winter days.


Tammie said...

i love the hat as well as the photography!

Sarah said...

Love it! It looks so intricate and hard to make!! I wouldn't have a clue :( lol!