Friday, March 29, 2013

color your world challenge

Remember how I was participating
No? Well. I got way behind.
I feel like I'm finally coming out of the pregnancy haze
and am tacking long-planned projects.
I scaled down my plans
and completed all three missing color challenges this week!

September: Teal
This is supposed to be a teal silhouette of a teal duck,
but I think it might actually be a wood duck. Oops.
It still turned out pretty nicely.

October: Orange
“[Orange] is one of God's favorite colors--

He stuck it right there between red and yellow
as the second color in the rainbow.
He decorates entire forests with shades of orange every autumn.
It shows up in sunrises at the start of the day,
sunsets at the end of the day,
and in the glow of the moon at the right time of night.”
~Reggie Joiner

November: Brown
I love Brown.
"The color brown, I realized, is anything but nondescript.
It comes in as many hues as there are colors of earth,
which is commonly presumed infinite.”
~Barbara Kingsolver

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Cindi ASHBECK said...

I love your Duck! I never thought about Orange as God's favorite color. But now I am : )

I found you through the Studio JRU Friday Sneak Peak. Hope to talk to you again next week!

Sewing Mom said...

I LOVE orange. It really is a great color....I'm so glad God uses it so often in so many of my favorite things!!!

Visiting from Studio JRU...Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

Debi said...

I love your orange art... so full of life and the brown page is peaceful. You are so creative!