Thursday, March 28, 2013

funny little flower hat

A few weeks ago I decided to use up some of my yarn scraps
by making a hat for Sweet Pea (my girl loves hats)
that used a cool technique I found on Pinterest
for incorporating 3-D flowers into whatever you're crocheting.

It turned out pretty cute!
Though on second thought it might have been smarter
to use this technique on something that was going to be flat
instead of curved like the hat is.
The flowers might lay flatter that way instead of being quite so quirky.

But on third thought,
it was a fantastic time to try a new technique in a small project,
and Sweet Pea likes it and has already gotten quite a bit of use out of the hat.

Time to stop second guessing myself. : )


Debi said...

I love this hat! I have a granddaughter after five grandsons and she will look adorable in this hat... thank you for sharing!

Tammie said...

lol. and darling li'l hat for a darling li'l girl.