Sunday, July 14, 2013

six months

My Baby Boy is six months old!
(And has been for a while.)

This month he...

mama milk
sweet potato and squash puree
all sorts of interesting stuff he gleans off of the floor
cheerios and tiny pieces of blueberry
(I figure if he can pick up and eat tiny things off the floor,
it's a good idea to channel his interest in a healthier way.)
any cord he can get his hands on
(keeps me on my toes)

in a pack-n-play now
(his crib was not sturdy enough for how busy he's becoming)
inconsistently at night
usually three naps every day

(It's very distinct, and he's definitely referring to me!)
babbles long strings of syllables
has the jolliest laugh
still likes to sing himself to sleep

lights up the room with his smile
scoots all over on his belly
crawls on his hands and knees a little
gets up on his hands and feet and "jumps" with his feet
gets all excited when he sees me
scoots as fast as possible to get to me
tries to grab my leg when I walk past him
can already get himself out of the Bumbo chair
sits up by himself
bounces for long stretches of time in his johnny-jump-up
takes tiny steps while holding onto an adult's fingers
loves scratching on all the different surfaces he finds
clings to whoever is carrying him around
tries to get in the middle of what his siblings are doing

being able to move around on his own
exploring new rooms
being the center of attention
making eye contact and "talking"

pretty much the same as before

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Debi said...

He's adorable! I have a 5 month old granddaughter and it is amazing how much they change every day!