Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One more thing...

Oh, I almost forgot! I got a blog award! Rachel of the Homemaker's Library and Bible Babies, who gives me food for thought and chuckles gave it to me. She made my blogging evening last night! ; )
Now it's my turn to give it. Hmmm. Who do I choose?
~First, I choose my dear Mum. She has taught me tons (and is still teaching me!). She's one of my best friends, and I love reading her blog even though we live only a few blocks away from one another.
~Next I choose this blog, Raise Them Up (sorry, I couldn't find your name, but maybe that's what you want). ; ) This bloggy friend makes me smile with her enjoyable accounts of raising boys, searching for lost toy turtles, and late in the season camping trips.
~Last, but not least, I choose one of my newest bloggy friends, Kate, whose blog, A Simple Walk, I enjoy immensely.
~Here are the rules for you three in case you want to pass it on. ; )
1. Place the logo on your blog.
2. Link to the person who awarded you.
3. You can nominate up to 5 blogs.
4. You can then add their links to your blog.
5. Leave a message in the comment section to each nominee on their blog.


Tammie said...

oh, great. now you're going to have to come over and help me get this thing on my page. ;) no, really--i don't know how to do it, but i appreciate it so very, very much.

love you tons!

Kate said...

Oh thank you SO much! I'm honored. I'll try to pass it along soon.

Raise Them Up said...

Can you come show me too?:) lol! Thankyou so much for thinking of me! That was really kind of you!

I need to give some thought (and time--which I have precious little of these next few days) to whom I can pass it along.

Christina said...

Okay, here is what I did to get the little picture thingy. I right clicked on the little picture. Then I selected "Save As." Then I saved it onto my desktop (you can save it anywhere on your computer that you find easy to access). Then I wrote my little post and added the picture as I would have added any picture from my computer. Does that make sense? I sure hope it does, 'cause my brain has pretty much stopped functioning for the night...