Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I'm already starting to get back on track with working on and finishing projects. Partly because I enjoy making things and have a hard time when I'm not working on something and partly just because I "need" to finish some of the projects I have started!

I had sewn this baby boy quilt top together a while ago, and I was happy to be able to finish it this week. It's for a friend who had her baby just eleven days after I had Brother. I love the way this quilt turned out and will definitely be using this pattern again!

Here is a peek at the lap quilt I'm currently working on. Once again, I had sewn the quilt top together a while ago and am just now backing, binding, and tying it. There is no really urgent need to finish it, but I'm tired of having the project hanging over my head, so to speak.

Here is my list of projects that I "need" to finish:
~The quilt pictured above
~My parent's Christmas calligraphy calendar (to see more about it look here)
~Another calligraphy project a friend from church commissioned me to do for her. It's going to be amazing. I just have to get working on it!
~Keeping up to date on writing and mailing thank you cards for the gifts that Brother has received.
~Making bear cupcakes and for Little Man's small birthday party.
~Finishing another baby quilt for a friend whose baby is due in November.

Here is my additional list of less necessary projects:
~Sewing the fabric that I bought with the gift card that Benjamin got for me to our town's quilting shop into a beautiful tote bag.
~Remodelling a loved sweater that keeps getting shorter and fatter into a couch pillow.
~Painting decorative shelves red, hanging them in our room, and putting decorative things on them.
~And I think I had another one, but I don't remember it now. ; )

I'm hoping to get all of these projects done before December. Since I'm also hoping to be a great mom, a loving wife, a helpful friend, a respectable housewife, and a competent music teacher while getting a reasonable amount of sleep and maintaing my sanity, I am not going to stress if I don't get it all done. ; ) I do think I'm becoming more and more efficient even as I have more demands on my time, so I might make it. I'll try to keep you updated on my progress.


Journeying Five said...

you are unbelievable, i was definatley that motivated or productive with a new baby...hope you still have time to put your feet up!

A Mommy's World said...

Those quilts are beautiful! I love to make quilts and blankets too, but I never have anywhere to take them or anyone to give them to. :( I want to make a shirt for Rusty (my hubby) and I am going to try to make an Iron Man costume for Eddie for halloween. :)

Tammie said...

i'm so glad for you, and i look forward to seeing your projects completed. beautiful photography, by the way. . .

stitching under oaks said...

wow those quilts look wonderful. I especially like the baby boy quilt. What pattern is that? Take care of yourself with all the busy-ness that you have going on. Enjoy your weekend.

Christina said...

I'm honestly not sure what pattern it is. It's one I saw on a quilt that was hanging up on the wall of our local quilt store. I loved it and figured out how to reproduce it. It's simple, though. All you do is make "roman road" (or "rail road") type blocks of three strips and alternate them with solid blocks of the same size as the finished stripy blocks.

Raise Them Up said...

You sew so beautifully! I always enjoy seeing your finished projects.

I enjoyed your post about your picnic, too. So glad you found the time to "relax", if you can call it that, with a little one on the play equipment! Lol!