Sunday, January 24, 2010

five months

I am not being as prompt in my month-by-month updates on Brother's achievements and growth as I had hoped I would be, but at least he's getting some journaling. Better late than never, right? And it's a whole lot more than many second-borns get, I hear. Actually, I think it's more than his older brother got too. I think that means that I'm getting more efficient and orderly. (Wow! Wouldn't it be great if the older I got the more organized I became?) Ahem...speaking of being organized, I'm not as I indulge in the urge to scurry down a rabbit trail.

Brother is a cuddly, smiley, drooly, roly-poly, and all together delightful five-month-old. He is definitely teething as evidenced by his general dampness and fondness for chewing on his fingers. I am thankful that he is still fairly mellow and easygoing in spite of his discomfort.

He very nearly lives for interaction and will stare at someone with a pleasant expression on his face until they make eye contact with him. Then his pleasant expression is traded for ear-to-ear grins, and he'll smile for all he's worth. He seems to truly be an extrovert and recharges in social situations.

Brother loves his tummy time and is trying for all he's worth to figure out how to get places. Benjamin says he moves about an inch a minute, and I'd say that's pretty accurate. He can, however, spin around in circles and is getting quite good and grabbing and playing with toys that he comes across as he spins.

Little Man loves sharing his toys and "reading" to his brother, and Brother lights up when he sees Little Man. I know I say this frequently, but I find it oh, so delightful to watch them interact.

I am looking forward to seeing which new things he learns and does in his next month!