Saturday, January 2, 2010

Three months, four months, here and gone

[3 months]
In all the craziness of the last couple of months full of holidays, trips, projects, and everyday life I overlooked publishing Brother's three and four month photos and updates. Thankfully I didn't neglect the baby book, so I still have the records there, and I'll catch up photo-wise here.

[4 months]
Brother is a happy, healthy content little guy for the most part. He has his fussy moments, but that is to be expected especially since he seems to be starting to teethe. He loves to make eye contact and "talk" to people and is quick to charm with his sweet smile. Sometimes he'll sit and stare at someone until they look and him, and as soon as they do, he'll give them his trademark grin.

[4 months]
He started rolling early. One day he rolled from his back to his stomach, and the next day he rolled from his stomach to his back. About a week and a half later, he figured out that he can roll across the floor. He also loves to bounce in his Johny-jump-up and is rarely still (even when he's sleeping). I think I'm going to have my hands full with this ambitious little guy.

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