Sunday, January 24, 2010

a Big Project

I did manage to cross a big thing off my to-get-done list in the last few weeks. This huge thing was cleaning and organizing my disastrous craft area/laundry room/storage space.
The pictures don't do the mess justice (really, I'm dreadfully embarrassed to have even had a spot like that in my house). Before I cleaned it up, there were piles and bags of fabric and craft supplies mixed up with scattered articles of laundry both clean and dirty. Every usable surface was un-usable because of the piles of junk and clutter. The trash was beyond overflowing, and there were spiders (dead and alive) and their webs in every corner. It was nasty.

I ended up throwing away two large trash bags of useless stuff and filling another box to give to our local thrift store. I dusted, and I vacuumed up the spiders and webs and dryer fuzz. I sorted through my fabric scraps, categorized them by type of fabric, and stored them in neatly stacked and labeled boxes. I also reorganized my craft supplies and put them into boxes and bins which I stored accessibly on the shelves right across from my crafting table instead of in another room. Finally, I set up the table with my sewing machine and rotary cutting supplies so that I can go downstairs and sew anytime I have a few minutes. To say that it is much more welcoming is an understatement. I am thankful to have a place in which to work that is more orderly and usable than ever before.


summer said...

christina- wow. way to go! i love this cozy little nook you've created. it reminds me so much of our little apartment that i loved! have fun sewing!

ps. THANK YOU, THANK YOU! for the awesome book list! i already have a place where i keep lists like this, so i will be stashing yours away with mine! i'm so excited to read to our kids someday!

stitching under oaks said...

It looks great Christina! I'm sure you'll enjoy being down there a lot more now.

schullerfamily said...

Every mommy/woman needs a space like this to clear their head while they craft...good for you!!

Journeying Five said...

yay! isn't it so nice to have that checked off, the room looks great!