Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Today I had the privilege of helping one of my friends make her Mother's Day gift idea a reality. When she was a baby, a photo of her mom holding her made the front cover of the Mother's Day newspaper. This year she wanted to recreate the photo with herself and her small son, frame the two together, and give them as a gift for to her mother. My share in the process was taking the photo.

At first we were trying for a mirror image of the original. All of those photos were turning out tense and overly staged when suddenly little Jaxon smiled and snuggled in. Thankfully I was able to snap a photo of the sweet moment, and we ended up with a photo that reflects the same mood and "feel" as the original while being unique and a just a bit different.

While the black and white is more fitting for the Mother's Day gift, I think I almost prefer the photo in color. I couldn't resist posting the color version too. (Man, I love my camera, this image is strait out of the camera: no editing at all...)
After the successful photoshoot, we had a delicous lunch together. Little Man and his buddy got to eat a "picnic" inside since it was a windy and chilly day while the mommies enjoyed visiting as mommies do. It was an altogether lovely experience. : )

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Laura Railing said...

Aww what a neat opportunity! Love the photos! The black and white is stunning