Thursday, August 5, 2010

Meet Catherine

Catherine is the first hand bag is my first design with ruffles. Or polka-dots. I've been a little slow catching on with the whole polka dot thing; they're just not my cup of tea. While I'm still not wild about them, I have managed to overcome my disgust enough to acknowledge that they're cute for other people. : ) I think it was a good thing that I came to that point; Catherine was my most-ogled handbag at last week's market.
Catherine closes with a cute little antique button just above the bag's most prominent feature: the double-ruffled pocket.
Catherine is made with quality cotton fabric with Pellon fusible fleece lining which gives it durability as well as a more substantial feel. The inside of the bag sadly has no pockets (I ran out of fabric), but the cheerful blue and green print is sure to please.
Catherine's handles are the perfect length: short enough to hold in your hand...
but long enough to be able to put over your shoulder.
I am asking $45 for Catherine which includes shipping to anywhere in the contiguous United States. In you are interested in purchasing Catherine, let me know, and I will post it in my Etsy store where you can purchase it securely.

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