Thursday, August 26, 2010

mixed up but not crazy quilt

I introduced this quilt in this post, so I won't belabor the details again. Just let me say that I decided to make a wall hanging quilt entirely by hand. I started it (I think) over four years ago. Obviously, progress has been very slow. It seems like every summer, I have a spurt of productivity on it and determine to finish by fair time. And every summer my passion for hand sewing quickly fades.

This summer is different, though. I think I really will have it done in time to enter it in the fair. In the last few weeks, I have finished assembling the remaining squares, embellished them, sewn all the squares together, and tied it using fancy buttons. All I have left is the binding. I love how it is turning out. To say that I am excited about being so close to finishing it is an understatement!