Friday, September 24, 2010

giveaway winners

The problem with this giveaway is that I loved all of your comments and want every single one of you to win. Sadly, I can't send camera straps or clutches to all of you, so I used the not-very-technologically-advanced method of writing all of your names on scraps of paper (pink and green paper!), put them in a favorite mug, and got Benjamin to draw the winners' names for me. And here they are! (drumroll?)

Lisa who blogs at stitching under oaks won the peachy-pink and brown clutch. I love Lisa's blog. She shares all sorts of cool crafty things and makes me wish that I could actually really knit. Plus she shares excellent thought-provoking serious posts as well as glimpses into her sweet family. I think that when my children are the same ages as hers are now, I'd like to be about where she is. Lisa is one of my most faithful commenters, and I always love reading her responses to the stuff I say.

Shaina won the camera strap. She runs a website called Sioux Falls Frugal Mom, which, contrary to what I first thought, is also applicable to people outside of the Sioux Falls area. She also blogs (not frequently enough, my opinion, though I know she has plenty to juggle) at While I'm Waiting. Shaina is one of those people who is a great friend even though we've never met in person. We're hoping that our families will be able to meet at Yellowstone next summer, though. (I can't wait!)

The third surprise prize is an autumn-colored flower pin. (Remember how I said I was having a hard time that not everyone was able to win? Well, I just had to add a third one.) It goes to my local friend Gayle who blogs at The Schuller Family. I have had such a good time getting to know Gayle; her amazing level of energy and enthusiasm never fails to inspire me, and every time we get together I leave encouraged.

Thank you all for participating. I'll get the gifts to the winners as soon as possible.


schullerfamily said...

Ahhhhh Christina, THANK YOU. The surprise gift is great. I wish we could get together more if time would only allow! :)

ps I'm going to try to swing the curtain by today and get you the measurement. I can't tell you how exciting it is to have this finally getting done. You'll have to pop into the open house on Thurs. nite.

SarahZ said...

You make everything so pretty, even the drawing of names!
So fun :)
I hope, as you try out your new kitchen, that your basement will dry out!

stitching under oaks said...

wow! thanks Christina....what a blessing. And thank you so much for the kind words you wrote about my blog. You sure know how to make a girl tear up! I'm so glad to have made this connection with you as I've been blessed equally with your inspiration and encouragement. Have a great week.

SarahZ said...

Hi Christina!
This is not for "publishing"...I just wanted to send you this link! Wait til you see this!
I hope you like!
I was doing a search for "star quilts" and this came up, and it is so exquisite, I had to share! Hope you don't mind!