Thursday, September 16, 2010

more engagement photos

Here is a sampling of the second set of engagement photos I took for my artist friend and her fiancé yesterday evening. She had so many ideas for outfits and locations that we couldn't fit all of the photos into one session. This session was supposed to be of all black and white photos, but I just couldn't resist some color photos and a few with special effects. Once again, the time I spent with this lovely couple was fun and delightful. The fact that we were able to get some fabulous shots was just icing on the cake.

These first three photos were taken in the classroom where they met during a college class.

No, this isn't really how he proposed, but it sure makes a cute picture!


Erin said...

These are beautiful & fun. I really like what you did with the staircase photo (lighting them is wonderful). Lovely!

Shaina said...

I love all your photos! You did such a great job!