Friday, October 29, 2010

custom camera straps

Most of the projects I'm working on right now involve either basement cleaning which doesn't have much photographic or narrative interest or Christmas presents which I can't post about here if I want them to be a surprise. I've been having such a hard time waiting to post about them. However, I do have a few recent not secret projects to share.

I was recently asked by a friend to make a red and white custom camera strap cover. In typical Christina fashion, I made two. : ) But I have a good reason this time...

I simply couldn't find a nice, not-Christmassy white and red fabric, so I settled for purchasing a milk-chocolate brown, off white, and red print. It made a charming camera strap cover, but I wasn't sure if my friend would like it since she specifically requested white and red. And so I made another camera strap cover in solid white and red. I'll let her choose whichever she likes better.

Each strap is made of high-quality material, lined with velvet (to cushion to photographer's neck, hopefully preventing the some of the soreness from carrying a heavy camera), and adorned with a feminine ruffle and flower.

I'm secretly hoping that she'll choose the solid red and white one, leaving the brown and red one for me. : ) If the brown one is the one she loves, though, I'm not in trouble. Camera strap covers are fun, quick, and addicting, and I have enough fabric that I could make another one.


stitching under oaks said...

love them! You'll have to do a tutorial on how you make those adorable flowers. I'm painting my basement and you're right about it lacking visual and narrative interest!

keri beth said...

so cute! I really like the red flower :)

Laura Railing said...

Those are beautiful Christina!! I like both but I sure love the first one. Chocolate brown is such a great color to pair with others! I just got a camera strap and they used minky material underneath. It was a surprising order because the picture showed a pastel green minky but it ended up being bright lime green! It has grown on me though!