Monday, November 8, 2010

monday menu

[coq au vin]

This morning we awoke to a beautiful, fluffy snowfall transforming out lovely late autumn into early winter! I must admit to having mixed feelings. There are so many pros and cons to cold of the pros is being able to bake a lot more and break out the cold weather recipes! Here's what I'm making this week:

M-home made pizza
T-chili and some kind of bread
W-macaroni and cheese
Th-steak, twice baked potatoes, salad
F-grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup

What are you making?


Ben said...

We should make Coq Au Vin again one of these days. Maybe one of the cold wintery days.

By the way, I think your menu for this week rocks.

Shelly said...

Tonight I'm making a java roast. It has coffee in it! :) It's big enough to do leftovers for another night. Then either tomorrow or Wed. I'm making a Italian sausage soup w/ cilantro. That'll also give good leftovers.