Tuesday, November 30, 2010

my netbook cover's not-quite-identical twin

Today I was excited to get another custom order on its way! After seeing the photos I posted on Facebook of my netbook cover, one of my friends requested one like it for her computer since red, black, and white are one of her favorite color combinations. Fortunately I had enough fabric left over from mine to make another!

The main differences between the two were the buttons I used (pictured above), the size (her computer is a few inches larger than mine), and the way I put in the zipper. I think that the zipper design on hers will be better in the long run, but I was disappointed that it turned out a bit lumpy--something I'm sure will improve with practice.

It is so satisfying when someone loves one of my designs enough to buy it and enjoy using it!


Larissa said...

Love that you jump right in and design your own products! What a gorgeous cover.

SarahZ said...

Lumpy? Very funny! I made a table runner recently, and after seeing so many of your practically perfect sewing projects, mine looked so...well, imperfect :)
It was fun nonetheless...but I would guess your lumps aren't really too lumpy? :) Everything you touch seems to just radiate quality! Part of why your work is so inspiring to me!

Christina said...

Thank you, Sarah! notice, though, that I did now showcase any closeups of the zipper. :)

Raise Them Up said...

Very nice! You really have a gift with that sewing machine of yours. :)

And your poem in the post before is beautiful!