Thursday, September 29, 2011


My Little Man turned four on Wednesday,
the twenty-first of September.
He is growing so quickly.
I want to cherish
each day.

As I mentioned, we officially celebrated the boys' birthdays over Labor Day weekend. Little Man did, however, get a new birthday book (one about trains that came with a tiny train set), a birthday breakfast of banana muffins (complete with four candles and Happy Birthday song) along with pop corn and chocolate gold fish, and macaroni and cheese for dinner. Unfortunately, he also got a cold and was sadly unwell with fever and stuffy nose on his special day.

Little Man...

goes golfing with Daddy sometimes
enjoys riding his bike
is a very fast runner
ran over 1/4 mile without stopping
is really pushing the limits of what he can climb on
has some pretty sweet dance moves
plays a shaker along with music with pretty good rhythm
sings an ever-increasing number of songs
(his latest favorite is "Blessed be Your Name" by Matt Redman)
enjoys Psalm 150 and the story of the Good Samaritan
stacks incredible block structures
loves to "build" with his tools
is always coming home with new wood scraps from grandpa
loves, loves, loves trains
is asking lots of questions about traffic laws
is getting pretty good at holding meaningful conversations
remembers the information he receives in those conversations
is figuring out good ways of expressing his clever sense of humor
thoroughly enjoyed his daily allotment of computer games
"reads" books to himself but prefers to have them read to him
colors with meticulous care
likes using lots of colors
loves to paint
has started home preschool
draws fishing rods and fish
has suddenly become a much pickier eater
especially loves pancakes, macaroni and cheese, and pickles
(not together, thankfully)
enjoys helping in the kitchen
brings the small trashes and empties them into the large trash
still takes naps
is an early riser
tries to keep his brother in line
shows Brother new ways to play with things and put together puzzles
holds his sister gently
brings us much joy every day

I love you, Little Man, and have so enjoyed watching you develop into the big four-year-old boy you are! You are charming and smart, and I love interacting with you. May you continue to develop your many gifts and learn use them wisely.


Tammie said...

i love the description, and the guitar series of photos. i love the color.

Debi said...

Happy birthday, Little Man!

A Mommy's World said...

Our boys are getting so big! My monkey for 4 this past March! It goes by too fast!!