Saturday, April 14, 2012

eight months

Last Saturday was my little Sweet Pea's eight month birthday.
While she is growing and changing all too quickly,
she's still the same sweet little person we first met not that long ago.
I am enjoying watching her develop.

Right now Sweet Pea:

hyperventilates when she sees someone she loves
babbles long strings of syllables (i.e. da-da-da-da-baba-da)
calls "Ma-ma" or (more often) "Maaa!"when she's distressed
really screams the infrequent times that she gets worked up
has the most contagious laugh
sings in a breathy, sweet voice

waves her arms and grins when she's excited
seems to be trying to clap
loves splashing in the bath
(she doesn't even mind getting her face wet)
sits on her own very well
scoots herself short distances on her bottom while sitting up
rolls around on the floor
picks up tiny objects from the carpet and attempts to eat them
doesn't seem to have a favorite toy
most definitely wants to keep up with her brothers

is eating three baby food meals a day
loves experimenting with finger foods
(so far she's had cheerios, tiny pieces of bread, and sweet potato)
is sleeping better at night again
takes two or three naps most days
still loves to snuggle

has very pretty eyes
(are the green? grey? brown? we don't know yet)
has medium dark brown hair coming in
and two colliding cowlicks on the back of her head
that make it look like she has a tiny faux-hawk
is too skinny for 9-12 month pants but too long for 6-9 month pants

She brings sunshine and delight into our lives every day.

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stitching under oaks said...

she is so precious! those eyes and that smile are so beautiful.