Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy birthday, Sweet Pea

Yesterday was my sunshiny Sweet Pea's
first birthday!
It's been such a delightful year, watching her personality unfold.

Right now Sweet Pea...

is sleeping through the night (most nights)
takes two naps a day (most days)
has managed to give herself a bloody nose while "napping"
feeds herself bits of table food exclusively
drinks whole milk in a sippy cup
especially loves macaroni and cheese and blueberries
(not together)

is fitting into 12 month clothes
is getting longer hair
has little "wings" of hair that poof out over her ears
will not tolerate headbands for long

has two little bottom teeth
has pulled herself up on furniture several times
still scoots around on her bottom
but can crawl if she really wants to

loves her brothers' cars, balls, and trains
and pulling all their magnets off the fridge
enjoys exploring my purses
carries any bag/purse she can find around the house
loves turning pages and "reading" books
and crinkling magazine pages
likes to explore outside
and look out the windows

loves to clap
plays peek-a-boo enthusiastically
points to items of interest with her tiny, adorable index finger
already loves to use that index finger to manipulate touch screens
blows at people to get their attention

says "Mama," "Dada," and "hi" frequently
occasionally surprises us with other words
waves goodbye to people who are leaving
makes a special hugging sound
has been shrieking less
and signing "more" more frequently
says "Mmmmm!" when she likes something
sings sweet songs by herself or along with someone else
"plays" the guitar and drums on almost everything
lights up when her brothers come into the room
is Daddy's little princess
and Mama's sunshine

She brings such joy to our lives every day!


Tammie said...


Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

She always makes me smile!! Happy Birthday, Sweet Pea! :)

Sarah said...

Happy birthday little one!! Where has that year gone?!

Raise Them Up said...

Oh my goodness! Where does time go? Happy Belated Birthday, little Sweat Pea! She is precious!