Friday, August 31, 2012


We have been busybusy this summer.
And I have been relishing the golden moments
rather than scrambling to capture them all on "film."

This month we have...

celebrated Brother's third birthday
survived a week of Benjamin being in Chicago for work
visited the river and the park
endured nearly constant smoke from wildfires
hosted a Pampered Chef party
went to doctor appointments
road tripped to visit friends in Idaho for a few days
(while visiting them we fed apples to sheep, dug in the dirt,
played new wii games, harvested vegetables,
and stayed up too late talking)
celebrated out sixth wedding anniversary
gone to birthday parties and bridal showers
organized and cleaned
had a successful yard sale and lemonade stand
participated in our library's fabulous summer reading program finale
hosted the first meeting of the book club I'm a part of
spent a fun family evening at our county fair
(complete with cotton candy and carnival rides)

It's been a full month,
and the next one doesn't look too much slower.
Life is good.

On a slightly related note,
I recently digitized my calendar.
(this app for Kindle Fire was definitely worth the $5.99)
Now I wonder why I (figuratively) kicked and screamed
against this change for so long.
It's been really handy
for keeping track all of this good life's insanity


Laura Railing said...

I love your thoughts about not having to capture everything on film. It is so refreshing sometimes to just be in the moment without a camera.

That app looks neat! I am chuckling over the name though. it just sounds so funny!

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

What a fantastic summer!! Sounds like all sorts of fun! :)