Thursday, August 9, 2012

July's project MCP

Here are my July photos for
the Project MCP challenge.

Challenge #1-It's the 4th of July
Capture the meaning of the word "independence" in a photo

Brother is usually a little clingy and timid in new situations.
Imagine my surprise when he took off all on his own,
exploring the splash park we visited with friends.
So independent.

Challenge #2-Still feeling patriotic?
Take a photo of something red, white, and/or blue

For this photo I was inspired by the similar sheen
of completely unrelated objects:
Benjamin's first guitar, my phone, and a string of pearls.
I was fascinated by how
they clash while fitting together.

Challenge #3-Try a new technique-take a bokeh photo

This was a frustrating challenge
and did not turn out quite how I wanted.
You know those really cool star bokeh photos?
That's what I was after.
However, after trying and trying (maybe it wasn't dark enough),
this was the best I could get.
And I have to say that in spite of my disappointment,
that big, phantom star on the right is pretty nifty.

Challenge #4-Summer is in full swing!
Take a photo of your favorite summer activity.

I way over thought this one.
The problem is that there are so many things about summer I enjoy!
It's impossible to choose one favorite.
Boring as it may be, 
I really love the fact that in the summer
I don't have to bundle myself and my three children
into layers and layers of protective warmth
every time we want to venture out of the warmth of our home.
This summer favorite is represented
by our much-loved sandals.


Tammie said...

i love the cool feeling of the first photo, and the glossy coordination of the second. the whole set is gorgeous. :)

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Great photos, Christina! What a fantastic captured moment of your little guy! :)

Sarah said...

These are great!! I didn't know about those star pictures.