Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"helmet hats"

After using my new and exciting knitting knowledge
to make a few very basic little hats,
I thought I'd try making something just a little more challenging
with some leftover yarn given to me by Mum:
a still-basic hat with ear flaps.

I decided that I wanted the ear flaps to be a little smaller
than the ones pictured on the pattern,
so I knitted them on size 8 knitting needles,
switching to the larger needles on the last row.

The ear flaps turned out just about how I wanted them,
but the combination of the extra-fluffy yarn I used
and my mistake of using knitting needles
that were half a size too big,
resulted in a hat that was huge.

I was disappointed.
I had intended the hat to be for Brother,
but instead it was big for me!
However, the next morning Little Man discovered it.
And he loved it.
He calls it his "helmet hat."

Apparently it's perfect for jumping and spinning around the room.
His delight delights me.

Of course then Brother wanted a "helmet hat" too,
so I made one for him as well.
I tweaked the pattern to make it a little smaller,
and I'm afraid that it turned out just a tiny bit too small.
Go figure.

I don't really think he minds, though.
The other day he insisted on wearing it over his coat hood.
So funny.

Size issues notwithstanding, it was a fun pattern to make.
I really enjoyed learning some new techniques,
and the bulky yarn and large needles made it nice and quick.
I will say, though,
that the author's use of unexplained knitting abbreviations
drove me a little crazy.
(I'm stilla pretty inexperienced knitter, after all.)
Not that I have too much room to complain:
it was free, and Google is always willing to help.
: )

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Tammie said...

:) The boys' joy is contagious.