Tuesday, July 30, 2013


the sky is the color of deep indigo ink.
the chilly is air heavy with the scent of vegetation,
wet with the dew of the night.
the earth is reverently hushed.

and then the sky is paler blue,
the mountains show in dark silhouette.
the green of the valley becomes more intense.
a glow of pink blooms in the east.

the dark water ripples,
ethereal mist rises and blows in my face.
the silence is shattered: ho-onk? asks a goose.
his fellows answer, rising on powerful wings.

the birdsong crescendos, the breeze lifts my hair.
colors become more distinct.
i can almost pinpoint the moment
the sky changes to blue from its pearly pre-dawn hue.

suddenly the sun leaps above the mountains,
pulsing in the glory of fiery coral sunrise.
it continues to climb, reaching down to the earth,
offering warmth and pure gold light.

and so, another day begins.


Debi said...


Sarah said...

You make me want to start getting up early again. :)

Handyman Mark said...

I love you Daughter! Your poem is beautiful,like you! With prayer, Dad