Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thankful Pie... quite different from humble pie!

Here is at least part of my thankful list this year.

I'm thankful for:

~God and His love (read previous post for elaboration!)

~My husband. Oh, there are so many different ways that I am full of thankfulness for him! Today I was stressing a bit about getting the house clean and the cooking done, and he wrote this to me: "Remember what's important - love, joy, peace, faithfulness. Clean house didn't make the list, as long as love rules in it. I'd rather come home to a less than perfect house and a happy wife than spend my evening attempting to relieve your over-stressedness from being frantic. And frantic people tend to not get things done anyhow." Now isn't that priceless? My mother-in-law says that it is a verbal bouquet. I agree. ; )

~My son. The challenges and joys he brings me every day, how he reminds me of all the little things in life that are worth enjoying , how he throws himself at me for an impulsive boy hug, how he hold my hand and takes toddling steps, how he giggles at unpredictable times, how he looks at me and gives me his special wide smile.

~My parents. They help us in so many ways: offering a helping hand, a listening ear, a word of wise counsel. I am thankful that we can live near them.

~My in-laws (parents-in-law and siblings-in-law). What fun it is to experience life in a family that has only one first born and five non firstborns (My family is made up of three first borns! And yes, we tend toward perfectionism). They have helped me become more relaxed in many ways. I love making them laugh.

~Especially my sister-in-law who grew up as the only girl with three big brothers and who makes up for it by having fun girly times with me. I love being such good friends with her. ; )

~My many friends. Martha, Janelle, Sarah, Melissa, Kaeley, Cassie, and many more. I am encouraged to see them grow in God and hope they can say the same of me. We share encouragement, girl giggles, and memories.

~My church. Not a perfect "family" but a place where I know there are people who love me.

~My home. Warm. Dry. Beautiful. My tile floor, fireplace, washer and dryer, etc.

~My music. Flute, piano, voice, a way of praising God. My flute student who delights me with her diligence, progress, and friendship.

~My ability to make art from almost anything I touch.

~My peripheral vision.

~An astonishing abundance of nutritious as well as tasty foods. A deep freezer to store the fall's harvest of venison and fruit.

~Books. Cook books, literature, information books, but most of all God's revelation to me: the Bible.

~The ability to communicate though writing. Letters, e-mails, blogging, and friends that I can make and keep in touch with though writing.

~Many, many more people and things should make the list, but I only have so much time and space.

May you have a blessed, peaceful, and joyful Thanksgiving Day. But even more a Thanksgiving Year, filled with joy.

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