Thursday, November 6, 2008

lime green and brick red

Today was another good and full day. I was able to finally buckle down and start on my first Celtic fair quilt. I cut the strips, sewed them together, ironed them, and cut the strips into squares. I'm very pleased with my start on it. It's lime green and black, even though in the picture it looks yellow. I know that lime green for Irish-ness is stretching things a bit, but I just couldn't resist these perfectly coordinating, fun, half price fabrics. I even have a feeling that it is the one most likely to sell. I mean, surely there's someone out there who likes lime green and who has a unique sense of style who will fall so much in love with it that they are willing to shell out some of their hard-earned cash to own it. ; )

Today I also cleaned and cut venison. I'm thankful for my mom who helped me grind and package it. I had forgotten how much tastier good venisonburger is than hamburger...mmm... And I worked on laundry and dishes. Just normal life stuff.

I'm enjoying the cozy, lengthening winter evenings and the opportunity to pull out my oh, so comfy favorite sweaters again. Right now I'm wearing a zip-up brick red one made of some kind of soft, almost shiny cotton.

Life is good...God is good...I'm rejoicing in Him!
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Kate said...

Such a productive day!

Learning how to quilt has always been a dream of mine. Hopefully I'll learn soon.

By the way, I tagged you on my blog to show & tell 7 favorite things in your kitchen.