Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Cheer Shared

Today my flute student gave me a Christmas wreath her mom made. This is not a normal-everyday wreath made silk materials. It is a lovely real-branch wreath accented by juniper berries and fir cones. It is beautiful.

I was touched and delighted. The gift was thoughtful. I hung it inside where it brings the smell of Christmas into my undecorated house. Christmas cheer shared.

Later in the day, I made plates of cookies to distribute to friends and lonely people who I know. Christmas cheer to be shared.

I brought up my card table, draped it with a festive table cloth, moved my Christmas cookies onto it (after all, the dining room table it to eat meals at!), and placed it with our gifts under my Christmas cheer wreath.

I am looking forward to giving these bead and wire leaf earrings to a good friend as a Christmas gift. She loves pinks and blues. Christmas cheer to be shared.

Yesterday I made this little angel pin for a lady I wanted to visit who can have no gluten because of allergies (a plate of cookies just wouldn't cut it). When I took it to her this evening, she loved it. Christmas cheer shared.

This afternoon I made some cookie deliveries and gave of my time to lonely folks and treasured friends. Christmas cheer shared. Tomorrow I will make more deliveries and look forward to more sharing of Christmas cheer!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Christina,

What a lovely wreath, I love fresh evergreens.

You surely have a bunch of activities going on at your blog! I am amazed at your ambition. It seems like you are always doing something new!

You are so thoughtful, and I greatly appreciate your kind comments about my name.
Thank you!

Love, Hope :)