Sunday, December 21, 2008

God's Guidance

This morning I realized that I had experienced a wonderful series of guidances from God. It just hit me, and I had to marvel. I love how God works in my life in ways that are subtle yet visible.

This time I wasn't even particularly looking for it, though I did pray a few times about what I should do. The situation was simply cookie deliveries. Yep, that's right. God revealed the work of His Spirit to me during cookie deliveries.

See, this year I decided to try to make little plates of cookies and candies for each of the widows in our church as well as for a few of my friends. I hoped to deliver each plate and accompany it with a visit. Well, as you know, tidy little schedules hardly ever work as planned. Mine didn't. I had to deliver almost half of the cookies at church today.

But here's the cool part. I delivered cookies to every person who wasn't able to make it today, either because of bad health or because of travel plans (except one older lady, who lives half an hour out of town--I couldn't drive out there during the week, and she can't get out too much in cold weather). So, I was able to deliver all the left over plates of goodies this morning at church!

My favorite example is this: I have a very busy friend who is hard to touch base with. She is a college student with a lot of family in town, and I am a busy mom and wife. Well, the first day I went to do deliveries, I called before I left, and she didn't answer, so I left her a message and figured we'd get together the next day. At the tail end of my deliveries, as I was driving by her house, I spontaneously decided to see if she was there. Well, I caught her just as she was getting in her car to go out. Since her errand wasn't urgent, she invited me in, and we had a lovely visit. It turned out that she had suddenly decided to go our of town for the holiday and was leaving early the next morning. If I had waited, I would have missed her.

Some people would call these occurrences mere coincidences, but I believe that God was guiding me, giving me wisdom in my priorities. I am so thankful to have realized this morning that He gave me wisdom in the seemingly small situation of cookie delivering because I often pray for His guidance, and He gives it, but I forget to thank Him. Today I remembered.

And I want to remember tomorrow too.

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