Sunday, December 14, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

First off, I want to tell you about an awesome fudge recipe I found and made. I always thought that making fudge was a mysterious art that requires years of work to perfect. And maybe some recipes are, but this one isn't. I was pleasantly surprised. Click here for the recipe for the yummy white chocolate fudge I made early this week.'s the menu for Monday, December 15-Monday, December 29

Monday, the 15th: crock pot chili
Tuesday, the 16th: tacos
Wednesday, the 17th: chicken risotto
Thursday, the 18th: fried chicken and scalloped potatoes
Friday, the 19th: snack before concert, maybe sandwiches at coffee shop after concert?
Saturday, the 20th: leftovers or spontaneous fixings

Sunday, the 21st: sandwiches
Monday, the 22nd: Italian sausage stew
Tuesday, the 23rd: Garlic-ginger chicken strips and rice
Wednesday, the 24th: TBD
Thursday, the 25th: Brazilian dinner for Christmas at my parents' house
Friday, the 26th: Spaghetti and meat balls
Saturday, the 27th: Leftovers
Sunday, the 28th: Crock pot roast

Monday, the 29th: Homemade fettuccine noodles with my husband's choice of red or white sauce (I'll bet he goes with white). ; )

more menu plan monday

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Tammie said...

how amazing that Christmas is so close!