Monday, March 1, 2010

coldishness and monday menu

I have a cold. Blah. So do the boys. Nasty stuff has been going around and around in our group of friends, and we have done a remarkable job avoiding it until now.

Nevertheless (hehe, I love that word), we are doing our best to keep cheerful, and I've even been able to get a few things done like working on March's menu and taking photos of working on March's menu (see photo). : ) I've also been working on a guest post about menu planning. With all the thoughts about menu-ing floating around in my brain, I thought it would be fun to try to post each week's menu on Mondays again. I did it for a while but stopped when analog methods of menu planning (specifically hand written onto a calendar) took over. However, I think it would be nice to begin documenting my menus here again.

Blah, blah, blah. Apparently having a cold makes me verbose. Anyway, here's this week's plan:

M-chicken cacciatore (it's simmering right now and smells SO good!) and salad
T-Small Group (my turn to provide the meal). I'm planning on making my version of shepherd's pie, but we'll see how well I'm feeling tomorrow.
W-Chicken Enchilada Casserole (my mother-in-law's super-cheesy recipe--very tasty) and a veggie
Th-Chicken and gravy over rice and a veggie
F-steaks, potatoes, gravy, and a veggie

Perhaps my next menu-planning goal is going to plan specifically what veggie we will eat every night. That would be sensible.

In addition to working on my menu stuff the last couple of days I've also worked on reading my latest Saveur magazine.
And I watched Bella, a poignant, thought provoking appeal to value life. I might have to watch it again to fully appreciate it.
And I watched One Night with the King, a rendition of the Biblical story of Esther. It was actually fairly Biblically accurate, but it had many horrible, glaring historical problems. That said, I did enjoy it in a fluffy kind of way. The acting was good and the costumes were amazing. It's probably not a re-watcher, though.
If I get bored tonight I might watch part of Emma again.
I really don't usually sit around watching movies and am starting to go stir-crazy. It doesn't help that the weather has been lovely. Oh, well. I know God has a good plan in it all. And I will get well sooner or later.


Journeying Five said...

I love the idea of menu planning and did it all the time before homeschool took over, want to get back to that because we all eat better.

Tammie said...

♥ good post.


schullerfamily said...

O the joys of menu planning. Some months I love it, some months I hate it. You?