Monday, March 15, 2010

to the park we will go

The last few days have been sunny and beautiful. The weather has even been warm enough that most of the snow has melted, and we've been going around in sweatshirts instead of heavy coats! It's too nice to stay inside. Yesterday we made our second trip to the park this year.
Little Man spent most of his time running around carrying gravel and flinging it into the air with the stick he found. He was also fascinated by watching big boys practice stunts at the neighboring skate park.

Brother tried the park swing for the first time and loved it. He grinned and giggled the whole time and was generally adorable.

Benjamin kept us company, longed for a good pair of skates, and split chasing-small-boy duty with me. He also took us out for pizza afterward, which was a delightful way of satisfying the appetites we worked up at the park.

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