Tuesday, May 18, 2010

cement trucks rate up there with trains

We have a friend who is a contractor. The house that he's building now was scheduled to have the cement slab for the garage poured yesterday. We were invited to come along and watch with his wife and two boys.

It was an enjoyable expedition. The weather was perfect: sunny, warm, and not too windy. We had fun hanging out with our friends as well as learning about cement.

The driver pulled up in the big cement truck and got the slide ready for the cement to come rushing down.
The workers used shovels to help the truck spread the cement and smoothed the surface with a long board and some special cement tools.
The big boys watched, alternating between nervousness over the loud noises, excitement, fascination, confusion over not being able to help or walk on the wet cement, and distraction (because even a good attention span for a two-year-old is relatively short).
After a while we lined up the four boys in a doorway to watch the work are to refresh themselves with tasty snacks.
The little boys were more interested in discovering that they can interact with each other than in the cement truck, but at least they got some fresh air and sunshine.
When telling his Daddy about the fun experience later in the afternoon, Little Man enthusiastically summed it up with: "Cement trucks and trains are the best!"


schullerfamily said...

It was a great afternoon wasn't it? The boys were unbelievably CUTE!

SarahZ said...

Beautiful boys! Those pictures soooo take me back, bringing sweet tears to my eyes. Isn't that silly?