Wednesday, August 11, 2010

garden update

Well, my summer has ended up being more full of both good and bad than I anticipated, and I haven't even come close to reaching my goal to work in the garden half an hour each day. It makes me sad. However, along with the weeds, my garden has continued to grow even in my absence. Here are a few recent snapshots.

baby broccoli

Something seems to like the cabbage.
I've begun to wonder if we will get any of it at all!

tomato blossoms
I have some baby tomatoes too!

baby pepper
I'm afraid it looks more like a hot pepper
instead of the bell pepper the label promised.

snow peas

There are lots and lots of snow peas.
Little Man and I have been gobbling them up without sharing at all.

Pea tendrils make me smile.


Tammie said...

the pea tendrils are so fun! i'm glad you posted that photo too .. .

SarahZ said...

I don't know how you feel about Sevin dust...but it is a "must" in our garden...ever since my first batch of boiled garden broccoli, and all the little green worms floated to the top...that took some getting over :P
And I was soooo young then:)