Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kitchen Work

Benjamin has been working hard to transform my kitchen into a place of convenience and beauty. As I type he is braving the horrible insulation in the ceiling, doing the prep work for installing the new recessed lighting. I'm more than a little proud of his beautiful and careful work. These photos are a little old, but I still wanted to show off the process!

seamless sheetrock repairs and new texture

Little Man is so eager to help.
Among other things, Benjamin let him help with some sanding.


preparing to take out the sink

"This is a wrench thing!"

thrilling demolition

checking out the new wall and trim colors

Since these photos, Benjamin has done a lot of work moving outlets, removed the hideous old light fixtures, and done more painstaking repair on the ceiling. He has also painted our walls a fresh, pale yellow and all the trim and ceiling a crisp white. And of course, right now he's working on installing the new lights. I'm beyond eager to see it all finished, and you know I'll be showing it off here too!


Shelly said...

So when we buy our next house, can you fly Ben here to do our kitchen?

Tammie said...

yea for the men! they're doing such a great job. ; )

Anonymous said...

Shelly, that sounds great! Jeremy and I could take that out in no time!

stitching under oaks said...

how exciting...can't wait to see it! Renovations are so much fun...(well when they're done they are!)