Tuesday, September 7, 2010

moments and milestones (late because of a full weekend)

Little Man has began thanking me enthusiastically without any prompting for food that I make. It's so rewarding. : )

Little Man found a puzzle of the different parts of the brain at his grandparents' house.
Little Man: "What's this?"
Me: "That's a diagram of a brain. [Little Man], you have a brain. Do you know where your brain is?"
Little Man: "On the porch."

While visiting the rabbit and poultry building at the fair this week, Little Man asked for a pet for the first time ever: "I like rabbits, Mama, can we get one?"

Little Man got to go on some carnival rides for the first time at the fair!

Little Man and Brother were sitting at the table. Little Man was singing and Brother was crying. Little Man looked over and Brother and said, annoyed: "Dude, I'm trying to sing a song."

We had a small family celebration of the boys' birthday while Benjamin's parents were visiting this weekend. Little Man enjoyed opening his presents: a toy doctor set, simple twelve piece jig saw puzzles, and a little ping-pong ball shooting gun. However, his favorite seemed to be the set of miniature tools Benjamin and I found for him. The look of speechless delight on his face after he opened it but before he managed to say, "A drill! I have my own drill!" was priceless. It's one of those moments I'm going to treasure for a long, long time.

[It seems that grandparents are much more indulgent when it comes to small boys and cameras than parents are.]

Brother is carefully saying "cahw" for car and loves jabbering on and on in babble only he (and maybe Little Man) understands.

Brother has been letting go of whatever is supporting him and taking 2-5 steps on his own before tumbling into crawling again.

He graduated from rear-facing car seats for front-facing car seats last week!

Brother seemed to like the fair animals but preferred them to keep their distance.

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