Monday, September 20, 2010

Two Year Blogiversary Giveaway

Next Friday will be the two-year anniversary of when I began blogging. It has been a marvelous experience. I have been able to document day-to-day happenings and special occasions, record projects, and write out thoughts. Best of all, though, I have made some great friends! Some of you I knew already, and I'm touched that you care to read my writings, get to know me better, and leave kind comments. Some of you I met in the bloggy world; your fabulous blogs and responses on my blog grew into friendships which met needs at a very lonely time in my life. And some of you might even be readers who don't comment (yet). I appreciate the time you spend reading and would love for you to leave a comment or two so that we can "meet."

In celebration of the friendships I have developed here in the last two years, I am giving away a couple of recent projects.

The first is a camera strap designed to fit snugly on a two-and-a-quarter inch wide camera strap. The inside (the side which will be against the neck) is made of oh, so soft cotton velvet.

While the outside (the side everyone can see and admire) is decorated by a shirred ruffle in a cheery, though not overwhelming blue and white print (one of my favorites).

Included with the camera strap is a blue ruffle-flower pin accented with a vintage button.

The second item that I'm giving away is a small peachy-pink and brown clutch (or makeup bag, or whatever you want it to be).

Included with the bag is a peachy-pink ruffle-flower accented with yet another vintage button.

To enter this giveaway, just leave me a comment telling me which prize you'd most like to win (and hopefully I'll randomly draw one of each preference). : ) If you'd like you can also tell me what aspect of friendship you most appreciate. I'll be drawing the winners sometime next Friday evening.


keri beth said...

(i don't like being the first to comment...makes me feel greedy or something) i LOVE the cute little pink case! my favorite aspect of friendship...being able to jump right into conversation (laughing, crying, praying, etc) without a second thought, knowing that the other person cares just as much about you and enjoys your ramblings just as much as you like theirs.

Laura Railing said...

Wow. Has it been two years already? I love reading your posts! It is neat to see what is going on in your corner of the world. While the clutch is quite lovely!, my entry would hands down go for the camera strap ;-)

Anything you make has such a lovely touch to it! I thought of you the other day at a quilting outlet when I saw some hand-crafted handbags. They were pretty but definitely not as exquisite or beautiful as yours!

stitching under oaks said...

happy two year anniversary! i've enjoyed getting to know you through your posts. i love that pretty. (both of them are gorgeous)

Christy said...

Happy Anniversary! I really enjoy reading your blog, and seeing the things you make. I’m very excited to throw my hat in the ring for this give-away. I think both items are lovely – and both of your winners will be very lucky indeed. I’d say my personal favorite is the little clutch though – simply adorable.

I think one of my favorite aspects of friendship, is how it changes and evolves over the years. I have girlfriends who I can call out of the blue and it feels like we spoke yesterday (instead of six months ago). Even though our lives have changed, we are able to go with the flow and catch up in moments. It’s a comfort. I also love how who my friends are has changed. My best friends these days are my husband and my parents. I know – that’s pretty corny, but it’s very true. My girlfriends are amazing, but as I grow older I find that I lean upon my folks and my wonderful spouse more than anyone else.

Have a lovely day. God bless.

Ben said...

I don't think I should count in the drawing, but happy blogiversary!

Shelly said...

Our connection really has been your husband having gone to college with him. Outside that we're total strangers. But I was so touched that you made a quilt for my little girl & prayed for her safe arrival w/out even knowing me. I hope someday we can meet. You've become an inspriation for me as I'm still new at the full-time homemaker. Love reading your recipes!

Oh, and I like the clutch! :)

Sarah said...

Two delightful years of reading posts that always bring a smile to my face or make me think. :) Thank you for the work you have put into your blog! My favorite aspect of our friendship is our ability to be honest with each other and know that a correcting word spoken in love is worth more than an empty praise.

Oh, and I like the camera strap. (It would make the perfect birthday present for a photographer friend of mine!)

schullerfamily said...

blogging isn't for the undedicated! You will love looking back on this time of your life someday and recollecting, thanks to the time and energy you put into your blog. Happy blogiversary! keep it going. :)

Lisette said...

Aww the pink one's adorable!

My favorite aspect of friendship is being able to just understand each other so much you know exactly what will make the other laugh and what wouldn't. I also love how friends are basically family yet you can "take a break" when you need to. Sorry but as an older sister, I really appreciate breaks. ;)

Shaina said...

I almost missed this giveaway!

I love the pink clutch is beautiful, but as I am a photographer I am going to go with the camera strap! It's so pretty!

I am so glad to have met you through blogging! I hope our families can one day meet in person! Maybe this next year at Yellowstone :)

One of my favorite things about friendship? I love knowing that I always have people that I can trust with just about anything and I don't need to be afraid to be myself around them. I can just be silly or serious, laugh or cry, and they are still my friends :)


SarahZ said...

I am so thankful you share your interests and well-doing, and your beautiful children, through blogging.
Happy 2nd Anniversary :)

My favorite aspect of friendship is the warmth of loving and being loved. The aspect I appreciate the most is the draw that a friend puts on me to be better, in any number of ways :)

Both of the giveaway items are I have to choose?
You may randomly include me in the drawing of's that? :)

Tammie said...

friendship: not being alone when you fall, but instead having someone to help you up.

:) your blog is such a blessing to me in ways that i simply cannot describe.

ummm. i love the pink zippered bag. sooooo cute. the camera strap is so beautiful, i just covet it. . .but what on earth would i do with it?


Diane Dupont said...

My favorite thing about friendship is pertaining specifically to friends in Christ. You meet for the first time, and there's automatically a connection there, because you have Christ in common. Many of my friends in Christ are more like family than my unsaved family members are.

I like the little case. Pink is my favorite color, and I love the contrasting colors with the brown. You are very creative. Did your mom teach you? ;-)

Heather said...

I have never seen this site before, but looking at it now, you have a really nice job... I think both of the gifts you have made are really cute... I also just wanted to let you know, that your pics on your other site are really good as well... I think that the more you do this stuff the more I can see that you get better and better each and every time you do it... Well just wanted to let you know that... Good luck in all you and may the Lord bless you as you do it...