Friday, April 1, 2011

journey images

Little Man spontaneously began calling our recent 2,000 mile road trip to Oregon a "journey," which I thought was quite appropriate. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the trip. (Ahem, uh, what I mean is that this is a long, photo-y post; please bear with me.)

ducks (those black specks)
on the Columbia River

just one fragment of the stunningly beautiful Columbia River Gorge

Little Man was thrilled to watch the big equipment
that was working just across the street
from one of our lunch stops.

barn and trees

Little Man and Grandma
at an elk view point
near Elkton, Oregon
(who would have thought?) : )

Grandpa and Brother at the elk view point.
(I used to ride like this when I was much smaller;
brings back memories.)

lopsided bull at the elk viewpoint
(hooray for long camera lenses!)

Little Man and Grandma at the Pacific Ocean

Brother and Grandpa and the Pacific Ocean
(It was Brother's first exposure to the ocean; he loved it!)

Sweet Pea and me at the ocean.

walking back to the car

drift wood

bridge beams

two of my friend's tiny goats
(these little fellows were just four days old)

Brother was enchanted.

Little Man loved them too.

boat and bridge on the Umpqua River

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